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Our company was founded by Grace Denker in 2009 and ever since then, we have been gaining recognition in Hamburg City for offering best language courses with vibrant, contemporary teaching methods. With your feedbacks and trust in our modern language programs, we are encouraged to broaden our horizons and to grow every day. 


We offer classic groups, one-to-one courses, unique workshops and corporate training programmes. We also offer languages courses for work purposes and help you find suitable  accommodation for your stay so you can concentrate on achieving your language goals. 


Our student come from all around the world and from different walks of life but they all have the same goals - travelling, discovering new places, learning a new language and absorbing a new culture. Some are students who need to take certain exams as prerequisite for their studies. We also have corporate students who need to improve their language skills for work purposes.


With fresh ideas, innovative concepts and the latest resources and teaching technology – including interactive whiteboards – you are guaranteed a memorable language learning experience. Our mission is to continue offering you the excellent language teaching, which you are used to receiving from us. It is our business philosophy to adapt our courses to your requirements. Thanks to your suggestions, we are growing in strength.

Our Teachers  

Our teachers are committed and passionate about teaching. They are very patient and experienced and will make sure you have a great time learning the target language. They have travelled extensively around the world and possess a balance of skills, intuition and empathy. Even whilst teaching in a group, they still adopt the person-to-person approach in addressing your individual language needs.

With their help I was able to immerse myself completely into the language and culture. They helped me find a good accommodation and provided support throughout my stay. The teachers were also very friendly and helpful”


S. González


My German has improved a lot, thanks to this school! They practically took care of everything so I could focus on learning the language. I really enjoyed my stay in Hamburg”


A. Caetano


I am making great progress in this language school. My English is almost at level B2.”

Isabella Kemper


Our Space

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