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With languages, you are at home anywhere.”

Edmund De Waal

AveLang is situated in the heart of Hamburg and has been providing language learning programmes since 2009. Discover more programmes tailored to our Germany based clients on


In our AveLang Language & Travel Programmes, we provide you with language programmes combined with your language visits.


In cooperation with networks partners around the world, we are able find you a language programme tailored to your needs and help you arrange suitable accommodation during your stay.

Travel, discover new places and learn new languages. 



Study at any level, from beginners to advanced. 

All classes include inter-cultural training and excursions. For more information, please send us an email:

Strengthen your English and 
get the best TOEFL scores
Daily Schedule (Location: Hamburg)
  • 10am | German Basic
  • 12am | German Intermediate
  • 6pm | English Intermediate
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